The New Covenant (2)

"And so it is clear, that the new covenant is not according to the old; for in the old covenant, the priest's lips were to preserve the people's knowledge. And Ezra had a pulpit of wood to read the law to the people upon; the law was written in tables of stone. But in the new covenant and testament Christ ends this priesthood, whose lips were to preserve the people's knowledge; and they are to look unto Christ Jesus, who is the treasure of wisdom and knowledge in the new covenant. In the new covenant, God writes his laws in their hearts, and puts them in their minds in the new covenant, by which all may know him, from the greatest to the least of them. And in the old covenant they had sanctuaries, and tabernacles, and temple, and the high priest was to light the candle and lamps in them. But in the new covenant, Christ who ends the first priesthood, and the old covenant, and abolishes the sanctuary, tabernacle, and outward temple and lamps, enlightens every man's spirit that comes into the world, in his tabernacle or temple, with his heavenly light, which is the life in himself, Christ Jesusthe high priest, made higher than the heavens. So he was made by the oath of God, and fulfils it; so were not the priests in the law and old covenant. So the new covenant is not according to the old; for the old covenant, and the law, commanded offerings and sacrifices; but Christ in the new covenant, offered up himself once for all the offerings and sacrifices, and ended them all, and the old covenant also."

George Fox (1679)

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