The New Covenant (4)

After these days (saith the Lord) I will put my Law in their hearts; and in their minds, I will write them; Here the Apostle witnesseth the holy Ghost to be the Witness & Testimony of Gods truth in the promise of the new Covenant of the Law written in the heart, & of the spirit putting in the inward parts; Now these that denies the spirit of God which gives testimony and witness of his everlasting Covenant, are strangers to this life, & Aliens to the Common wealth of Israel; for the Covenant of Promise is to the elect Seed of Abraham; not of the Bond-woman, but of the Free; not of the SEEDS, which are many, but of ONE, which is CHRIST, that is Elect according to the fore-knowledge of God the Father, through sanctification of the spirit, unto obedience, & sprinkling of the blood of Christ, who doth purifie their souls in obeying the Truth, through the spirit;

Margaret Fell – A True Testimony

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