6 Things you didn't know about John Calvin

6Things you didn't know about John Calvin6Things you didn't know about John Calvin by David Qaoud
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A very short but interesting e-book. It seems clear the author is a fan of Calvin though also balanced in that he certainly doesn't depict him as perfect. Though this book dispels the belief that Calvin burned heritics, it did surprise me that while he asked that Servetus not be burned he didn't challenge him being killed. It just appears to be the idea of burning that appalled him. I don't know the full story of Servetus, but killing a person for an opinion (however wrong) or for being impolite in the expression of said opinion is beyond extreme. I feel bad for him. Could Calvin have done more to help Servetus? I'm not sure. One thing I do know however, is that Calvin was flawed like all of us. Though flawed he also had his achievements as mentioned in this book. Well worth a quick read. Get a free copy at https://thoughtfortheweek.jimdo.com

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