All is Grace!

All Is GraceAll Is Grace by Brennan Manning
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This book is nothing short of moving. It is in fact more of a confession than a memoir. Brennan is brutally honest about the troubles in his life, the brokenness and sin. It is this kind of honesty the church and the world needs. Although from time to time it seemed as if he was promoting some kind of Universalislm that I'm not sure I would go along with (attractive as it may be), he none the less does constantly point to God's infinite Grace and indeed he himself says he is not a universalist.

Like the book title says: ALL IS GRACE.

Benson in his testimony at the start of the book writes: " the end, my sin will never outweigh God's love. That the Prodigal can never outrun the Father. That I am not measured by the good I do but by the grace I accept."

There were moments in the book where I was a little taken aback. It may have just been my own misunderstanding of what he was trying to say, but occasionally it came across as if his attitude to sin was simply "It happens", which probably isn't what he was going for. Like Saint Paul I would say "What? Should we sin all the more that Grace may abound? God forbid."

That aside he approaches the memoir with clarity and honesty, and constantly points out his own sins and in contrast God's Grace and it is indeed God's Grace that we all need.

So I conclude my review with these words from Brennan:

"Prone to wander? You bet. I've been a priest, then an ex-priest. Husband, then ex-husband. Amazed crowds one night and lied to friends the next. Drunk for years, sober for a season, then drunk again. I've been John the beloved, Peter the coward, and Thomas the doubter all before the waitress brought the check. I've shattered every one of the Ten Commandments six times Tuesday. And if you believe that last sentence was for dramatic effect, it wasn't."

"All is Grace."

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