The Anabaptists: Neither Catholics nor Protestants

The Anabaptists: Neither Catholics nor ProtestantsThe Anabaptists: Neither Catholics nor Protestants by Lamp and Light
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This booklet certainly does paint a grim picture of Roman Catholic corruption and of the failings of the Protestant Reformation. Indeed the violence and tyranny supported by both parties is rightly condemned. It is also true that we are saved not by works, but by Grace, and that Grace should compell us to discipleship, not a free licence to sin, on our own behalf or that of the states. Further to that the mention of the seperation of church and state and such like American libirties being through the influence of Anabaptist pacifists and not by the influence of Protestant pilgrims is a fascinating thought. As mentioned it is indeed true that the Pilgrims did treat natives, Quakers and others very poorly. Speaking of more recent times the book also condemns the idea of people just "making decisions" being viewed as salvation. This makes sense, cos many claim to have said the sinners prayer, but have abandoned all Christian fruitfulness. Almost with the attitude "I said a prayer so am saved, so I can live however I choose, unrepentant," That being said not all who have found Jesus via this evangelism tool have abandoned Christ in this way, and indeed many now who use this tool for evangelization (and no doubt see it as a tool) "follow up" with the person considering Jesus. The book near the end got very strict and on a few points I would struggle to fully agree. There is much to be said for the Anabaptists of old who suffered at the hands of Protestants and Catholics for the cause of Christ. There is much to also be said for some modern day Anabaptists who are devoted so strongly to the New Testament and the cause of Christ. Some are traditional and others are radical. But, my thought is this, Christ will not ask if we were Catholic, Protestant or Anabaptist on the day of Judgement, but if we believed, loved and followed Him.

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